The training program of IDUCATE concentrates on its Partner companies' actual needs. The point in this system is that these Partner companies are the ones who define what type of professional skills and competence the future employee they would employ should have, and that's the basis of our training program.

How can IDUCATE help your company?

IDUCATE Education Centre is not just about organizing unique trainings based on Partner companies' needs. It also acts as a recruiter. So if you are looking for talented and experienced professionals to employ, you'll find both the expertise and your future employees with us.

Why choose IDUCATE?

  • We offer you a totally unique training 100% tailored to your needs
  • Thanks to our intensive trainings you will be able to employ our students within a short timeframe
  • Due to our unique and professional selection process you will have the manpower with relevant professional skills and competence
  • With traineeship organized at your company our students will have exactly the skills and experience your company needs