SAP Consultant

Why choose this course?

  • Intensive, you can finish within 1 month
  • You will have fresh new professional experience with the help of our traineeship program
  • We guarantee a job for you at a well-known multinational enterprise
  • In exchange for your commitment, your full training costs is covered by your future employer
  • Overview of the training

    The goal of this training is to train SAP consultant who will be able to take part in SAP system implementation and support on both local and international market or to act as a module owner and project coordinator in large enterprise environment. Over the training, the students will get a vast knowledge of the theoretical background of the SAP integrated ERP system, its settings, testing methodology and how to apply all these in practice. During the training, we introduce the SAP ERP system, we deepem their experience regarding the different modules, we enable them to be able to use these modules in practice and teach them all the necessary professional skills they will need as an SAP consultant. This way our students taking the final exam will be able to get a job as SAP consultant with a confident professional knowledge and hands-on experience.

    Meet the Mentor

    Ferenc Tracsek

    Mentor, Member of the Board of Trustees, IDUCATE Foundation

    Ferenc obtained degrees in engineering, informatics and economics and started his career as SAP Key user at Waterworks Budapest. This was the starting point for an exiting SAP consultant career of 20 years throughout 6 years at SAP Hungary, participation at many international projects and fulfilling leading managerial positions.

    Throughout his career he always concentrated on mentoring and supporting young talents, many of which withold leader and company owner positions today.

    Ferenc dedicates his professional life today to SAP and never gives up supporting innovation and young potentials.

    Details of the course


    The total cost of the course is € 7800 + VAT.

    All costs of the training will be post-financed by your future employer. In exchange for this, you commit yourself to stay in the company for 18 months.


    Learn more and download course syllabus



    After the training we provide you a job at our Partner company, with a salary reflecting the market average.

    Since the training syllabus is based on the very own needs of our Partner company and you will have your traineeship at your future employer, you will become fully skilled to be able to start the job on day one. In exchange for your 18 months commitment, your employer will cover all your training costs.

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