Competency Development Program

Why choose this course?

  • Intensive, you can finish within 2 months
  • You will have fresh new professional experience with the help of our traineeship program
  • We guarantee a job for you
  • In exchange for your commitment, your full training costs is covered by your future employer
  • Overview of the training

    The goal of the training is to train employees who, with the competence development and company-specific knowledge necessary for successful work, carry out their tasks confidently.

    Details of the course


    All costs of the training will be post-financed by your future employer. In exchange for this, you commit yourself to stay in the company for 18 months.


    After the training we provide you a job at our Partner company.

    Since the training syllabus is based on the very own needs of our Partner company and you will have your traineeship at your future employer, you will become fully skilled to be able to start the job on day one. In exchange for your 18 months commitment, your employer will cover all your training costs.